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20th Ward Staff Transitions: Meet Our New Chief of Staff

We would like to inform residents and community partners that we have undergone quite a few changes in the last couple of weeks and project additional changes in the coming weeks.
After two years in the Chief of Staff role and an additional year as our campaign director, Candis Castillo is transitioning into a new role elsewhere. Candis was an instrumental part of our Aldermanic Campaign and she has committed a great deal of time and effort to setting the foundation of our office and we will forever be grateful for her contributions. While we will greatly miss her, we wish her all the best in her new position.

Effective April 1st, 2021, our previous Director of Community and Economic Development Joan Fadayiro was promoted to Chief of Staff. She comes in with over 8 years of community organizing experience alongside Alderwoman Taylor and a great deal of ward specific knowledge and connections. Subsequently we are confident in her ability to lead us through this transitional period.

She can be reached via email at or via work cell: (312) 860- 2187 during business hours (9:30am-5:00pm).

Please join us in congratulating Joan and wishing Candis the best of luck in her new role!

Updated Office Hours

Our current office hours are 

Tuesday- Wednesday 10am-3pm, Thursday 2pm- 7:30pm, and Friday 10am-2pm

The office is still operating at limited capacity due to Covid19 regulations but if you need to pick up masks you can come during those hours. To schedule virtual check ins with the Alderwoman call (773) 966-5336 or email

In addition, if there are any pending service requests, Contact our Director of Constituent Services, Jajuan Roberson via Email: or call/text during business hours (312) 972-2512.

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Development Update

Latest Ballot Results (3/23/2021- 4/1/2021): CTA Maintenance Facility–317 E 63rd St

The  most recent development that went through a voting process was a CTA Maintenance Facility located at 317 E 63rd St

As a recap: CTA is looking to open a maintenance facility within our ward. If you would like to learn more feel free to view this video detailing the development plan

The voting process resulted in an approval of the project.

Pending Results (4/12/2021- 4/29/2021) :Urban Growers–6035 S King Dr

Urban Growers Collective  is requesting for a community garden at 6035 S King Dr.–including a 5-year lease and $80,000. As part of our Community Development Process. Voting has now come to a close and results will be shared after ballots are audited.

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