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Development process

All developers looking to do business in the 20th Ward will follow a process that includes the following components:

  1. Published plans: Developers will provide renderings and other details as required by the alderman for public review prior to the required public meetings process. Those materials will be available at the alderman’s office and online at the alderman’s website.
  2. Community meetings: Two community meetings over a period of time no less than 30 days in length will be convened at which complete designs will be presented and residents will be provided ample time to ask questions of developers. Any questions that cannot be answered during the first meeting must be answered at the subsequent meeting no sooner than 30 days after the first one. Questions and answers from the first meeting will be made available to the public at the alderman’s office and through her website.
  3. Accessibility: Developers will provide a phone number and email address through which residents are able to ask questions and gather additional information as required. To build in the ward, developers must meet this requirement.
  4. Deliberation: Residents within a radius of the development to be determined by the alderman will deliberate with the alderman on the project and the presentations by the developer. These residents and the alderman will ultimately decide whether the project is beneficial to the community. Proof of residency will be required in order to participate in this phase of the process.